What is a Fitness Nurse Coach | Are you My Ideal Client?

This is a rather new term in regards to nursing but really it is nothing new to a nurse who loves fitness and health. Why would you not want a nurse to help you with your fitness? Nurses are very well-educated in the body and disease processes. I will make it my mission as a CFNC to help busy moms find a way to avoid long-term illness and plan for their health and their family. It is not just one person that a decision effects. We are teaching the next generation who to live and we are not doing a good job. Fitness is my passion and nursing is my skill. I believe that the new rank of nurses who will trail blaze this trail will bring a wholeness to the nursing profession. We need to focus on the health and healing of a generation of people. With the staggering stats on obesity and diabetes something needs to be done. Are you ready to make the change? To seek the help of a 12 week program to teach you how to change your life style patterns and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle? There is no time like today. My signature program incorporates healing foods and restorative exercises that will bring a balance to your life. This is not your average physical trainers program. I have spent a lot of time and research into the best foods and exercise to help prevent and restore the body to optimal health and bring a decrease in fasting blood sugar levels. The kicker is your muffin top will disappear and you will begin to have more energy and strength to enjoy your life and health.

Do you want to….

* Learn how to make yourself a priority
* Specific plan for success
* Sleep well at night
* Lose your fear of being a diabetic like mom
* Feel great in your own skin
* Look great in your clothes
* Have a positive self-image
* Energy to play with your kids
* Feel great naked and enjoy that special time with your man
* Feel Balance in your life
* Decreased waist line
* Deal with emotions in a healthy way

Is this your story?

A nurse who puts her patients and family above everything.   Never making or having time for yourselves?   Do you have every excuse why the kids must come first? Do you lay in bed trying to figure out how to get out of this cycle.

Do you live out of balance?

You don’t  have time for your husband and you are not confident in yourself anymore?  Is all of your energy given to others while barely having enough to carry you through the day.

Do you lay in bed at night and wonder if life will ever be different.

Overweight, silently suffering, silently dying to your self.   Do you even know who you are anymore?   What do you even enjoy?   Do you forgo the makeup and throw on the sweats (the loser the better)


I can help!  I have your answer….

My signature 12 week plan “I am a FIT NURSE” will have you on the right track o health, balance and those cute jeans you haven’t worn since before babies.  If this is you, and you are ready to make the lifestyle changes let’s move forward and I will help you experience your life to it’s fullest.

Call me now 770-601-4549.  I can do a 15-30 minute consultation to find out if we are a fit.  As a Certified Fitness Nurse Coach, I offer a holistic approach to health and fitness. Our consultation will include a nursing assessment to see if you are a match for the program I am offering.  Your health and safety are my biggest priority.

If needed I can collaborate with your physician to provide an optimal treatment plan that will be customized within our signature plan to provide optimal health for your body, mind and spirit.

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